John's Calculator (for 30 year fixed rates)

This is a new calculator that has been opened as or January 1, 2015. Although we have put a lot of effort to make this calculator easy to use, we know and understand that there is always room for improvement.  Your feedback is encourage in to make this the most user friendly and accurate calculator available.  Please send your suggestions to

We will continue to improve and add more calculators as the days, months and years go by.

When looking for a home it is best to look at the numbers before putting a contract on a home.  You can find all kinds of calculators on the web and apps, but you will not find anything that is specific to the Birmingham Metro Areas of Jefferson and Shelby counties, unless you go to

In the future we are going to add more areas as we perfect our home area then move throughout the state and then the nation.

This is a calculator uses estimates based on John’s 25 year history of working in this area.  The estimate uses a 30 year conventional fixed rate.  We are trying to keep it simple by asking 4 questions that will give very accurate estimates in the areas that you are considering.  None of the loans on this calculator has a monthly PMI Payment.  We have used a Lender Paid PMI loan that is only slight higher rate with 20% down.  None of the loans have an origination fee.  The only fee collected by us is the $770 which is a reimbursement for costs of processing, underwriting & closing your loan.  The fee will be considered an Origination charge on your settlement statement.

We believe this tool will educate you in the loan process by giving you a logical estimate of your bottom line payment and your bottom line costs at closing.  These are the two main numbers to calculate before you start the process of getting prequalified for financing then hunting for your new home.

This calculator will figure costs for loans from $100,000 to $1,500,000.  If you need to go higher or lower contact us for estimates.

The minimum down for loans up to $417,000 needs to be at least 5%.  

The minimum down for loans $417,001 to 500,000 needs to be at least 20%

The minimum down for loans $500,001 to 800,000 needs to be at least 25%

The minimum down for loans from $800,001 to 900,000 needs to be at least 30%

The minimum down for loans from $900,001 to 1,000,000 needs to be at least 35%

The minimum down for loans from 1,000,001 to 1,500,000 needs to be at least 40%


We consider this as a tool to provide you with numbers and every loan and sales transaction is different.  Sometimes the costs are going to be more sometimes less. Keep in mind that we are providing you information that will help you make decisions we currently are not competing for your loan.  To get specific numbers call (205-266-5669) or email ( John.  Once you have a contract and closing date then we will compete for the opportunity to do your loan

The tax estimates assumes the sales price is the county valuation along with the millage rates that were found on Jefferson & Shelby County websites.  If you have a specific address then we will be able to provide you with more accurate estimates.  The insurance estimates are based on John’s experience in estimating costs for buyers.  For more accurate estimates contact your insurance agent.  If you would like the name of an agent contact us.