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Documents You Will Need: To Refinance

  1. Copy of Current Driver's Licenses (You can take a picture of the driver’s license and text 205266-5669) or email to jmarbury@nationalbankofcommerce.com.
  2. Most recent 2 Months Bank Statements of all assets on the application. The statements need to include all pages, your name, full account number and the institution’s logo. We normally have to document the source all larger deposits..
  3. Most recent 2 Years Personal Federal Tax Returns, all schedules, W-2's and any K-1's. If you own 25% or more of any company we will need the Business returns. If you have not completed your returns for that year and have filed for an extension and it is after April 15th; we will need a copy of the filed extension. .
  4. Your homeowner’s insurance agent’s contact information
  5. Your Most Recent Year to Date pay stub (covering a 30 day period).


    Items that will not apply to every client

  6. Most recent mortgage statement for current home and any additional properties owned. This will document if your property taxes and homeowners insurance are included in your monthly payment. If you have no escrow account, we will need documentation of your homeowners insurance and property tax amounts.
  7. Copy of Divorce Decree to document any Alimony or Child Support payment obligation. Most recent six month’s bank statements and Divorce Decree to document receipt of Alimony and/or Child Support income. The Divorce Decree must also detail that this income will continue for at least 3 years.
  8. Most Recent Social Security and/or Pension/Annuity Awards Letters to document the receipt of this type of income. Further documentation may be needed to verify its continuance.
  9. Copy of Diploma/Degree and School Transcripts if attended school within the most recent 2 years employment
  10. For VA loan DD Form 214 (Long Form)

If you are interested in applying for a loan visit https://www.johnmarbury.com/apply-now/ and complete the application to the best of your ability.