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Why Us?

Why Us?  


John Marbury  As a loan officer (mortgage broker 1989-2006) since 1985, I have seen a lot of changes over the years. The only consistency in the mortgage business and life is change. This is the reason that we believe it is necessary to move quickly and to be early. We strive to deliver our purchase loan closing packages well in advance of closing. We have found by doing this we can remove any potential drama well in advance of closing. This is not always possible when we have a short time frame, but we believe these are healthy goals to have. 

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Donna Johnson has been processing our loans, since 1990.  She is very detailed and knowledgeable who is the driving force of our on time closings.  She is the one who creates and sends out lists to our customer on what is needed for underwriting and closing. 


Carter Slappey, a former private banker joined our team in December of 2021.  He has brought new energy to our team.  He has started marketing to people that we have not contacted in quite a long time.  Carter and John cover for each other when one of them is not available.


We are available to prepare Costs Estimates on purchase transactions if the following can be provided: Sales Price, Estimated Credit Score, Loan Amount, Estimated Closing Date and Property Address. With this information we can create an accurate estimate of your payment and all of the costs associated with closing using www.johnsmortgagecalculator.com.  The estimates can be emailed in a pdf format.  We are also available to teach you how to create these estimates yourself by using www.johnsmortgagecalculator.com


The more information provided on the front end – the more accurate the estimate. Costs Estimates for refinances can also be provided with the following information: Estimated Appraised Value, Current Mortgage Balance, Estimated Credit Score and Property Address.


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