New Conventional Loan Limits $647,200 and FHA $420,680

New Conventional Loan Limits $647,200  and FHA  $420,680

We have raised our Conventional Loan Limit up to $647,200. 

This is good news for people who"

1.  Need some extra cash to payoff debt or do home improvements.

2.  Would like to refinance and payoff the Home Equity Lines of Credit.  

3.  Would like to put less that 20% down on Sales prices up to $775,000

FHA has raised there loan limits in Alabama to $420,680

For more information contact John or Carter

John Marbury Email:  Cell: 205-266-5669 NMLS # 740833

Carter Slappey Email: Cell: 205-240-9727 NMLS # 1525358


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