Application Process

Application Process

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You can apply online by clicking on the following Link:

Or you can call John at 205-266-5669 and he can take your application over the phone.

Once you have applied keep in mind we will be monitoring your credit inquiries, so if possible avoid any new credit until after closing.

The following is the information that we may ask for to submit your loan to underwriting. Not all items apply to everyone.

 1.  Driver's Licenses (You can take a picture of the driver’s license and text 205-266-5669 or email to

2. Most Recent Year to Date pay stub (covering a 30 day period).

3. 2 Months Bank Statements.  We need all pages, your name, account number and the institution’s logo.  We normally have to document the source all of the deposits.  

4. Last 2 years W-2’s

5. Possible the two years Personal Federal Tax Returns and all  K-1's. If you own 25% or more of any company we will need the Business returns.

6.  If you have not done your Personal Tax Returns for the year before and it is after April 15th, then we will need your filed extension.

7. If you own real estate personally.  We will need all mortgage statements on financed properties that are escrowed and will not be sold.  If you own property that does not have a mortgage or not escrowed  then we will need a copy of your insurance binders and property tax costs (we normally can find the property taxes).  If the property does not have a structure then we will have to prove that is the case.

Other items we will eventually need:

8. Copy of the contract.  

9. Title Company contact

10. Closing attorney Contact

11.  Homeowner's Insurance Agent Contact

12.  Cleared Earnest money check 

You do not have to send this all at once.  Piecemealing this information is perfectly accectable. Let me know if you have any questions or if we can help in any way.





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