Below is the news when it happened and market reaction.  All of the times below are Eastern Standard Time

Fri, May 06 1:29 PM - Two shot, one killed in two Maryland incidents.
Fri, May 06 1:22 PM - Just past midday, MBS near unchanged, S&P unchanged. WTI oil +$0.50 to $44.82/barrel. 10-yr Note yield 1.76%.
Fri, May 06 11:27 AM- After the Jobs report and with it being Friday, MBS trade in an extremely tight range for the past few hours. S&P slightly lower.
Fri, May 06 10:08 AM - Stocks erase their losses, S&P now flat.

10:07 AM New Rates have been posted

Fri, May 06 10:08 AM
Stocks erase their losses, S&P now flat.
Fri, May 06 9:42 AM
MBS hit fresh session lows.
Fri, May 06 9:34 AM
Stocks open lower - Dow down 70 points.
Fri, May 06 9:09 AM - MBS edge into negative territory.
Fri, May 06 9:00 AM - Resistance at the 25 and 50-day Moving Averages now become support. However, prices seem to be topping out at current levels not being able to push meaningfully higher in the face of the weak jobs report.
Fri, May 06 8:44 AM - Traders push bets on the next Fed rate hike into 2017.
Fri, May 06 8:40 AM - Rounding out the payrolls report the Unemployment Rate steady at 5%, inline, Hourly Earnings 0.3%, inline. Year-over-year Hourly Earnings 2.5% from the last look of 2.4%.
Fri, May 06 8:38 AM - Not much reaction from MBS as prices have recently shot higher and seem to be topping out.
Fri, May 06 8:34 AM - 10-yr T Note yield drops to 1.70% from the 1.74% before the numbers.
Fri, May 06 8:32 AM - April Non-farm Payrolls rise 160K in April, below the 207K expected. February and March revised lower by a total of 19K.
Fri, May 06 8:10 AM - U.S. dollar index 93.64, -0.14.
Fri, May 06 8:05 AM - WTI oil at $43.72, -$0.59.
Fri, May 06 8:04 AM - 10-yr T Note yield 1.74%.
Fri, May 06 8:01 AM - Ahead of the report, MBS look to open near unchanged, S&P futures lower, but that can all change at 8:30 a.m. ET when the numbers are released.
Fri, May 06 7:58 AM - It's Jobs Day! It is expected that U.S. employers added 207K new workers in April while the Unemployment Rate is expected to remain steady at 5%.


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