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Tue, Jul 12 9:53 AM - As expected, Stocks open higher - Dow +136 points.
Tue, Jul 12 8:32 AM - U.S. dollar index 96.24, -0.35.
Tue, Jul 12 8:32 AM - The Monthly Bond Rollover will take place after the close of trading this evening.
Tue, Jul 12 8:31 AM - WTI oil $45.88/barrel, +$1.12.
Tue, Jul 12 8:30 AM - 10-yr T Note higher to 1.48% as investors shift out of the safety trade into equities.
Tue, Jul 12 8:14 AM - MBS open lower, but the losses are contained, while Treasuries take the brunt of the beating.
Tue, Jul 12 8:06 AM - The Treasury will sell $20B 10-yr Notes today, results at 1:00 p.m. ET.
Tue, Jul 12 8:05 AM - There are no economic reports due for release today.
Tue, Jul 12 8:02 AM - S&P futures poised to push higher at the open after yesterday's all-time record closing high of 2,137.
Tue, Jul 12 7:58 AM - Treasury securities are considerably lower this morning, yields higher, as the risk on trade continues after Alcoa reported better-than-expected earnings and as Britain ushers in a new Prime Minister, which could be a good sign to tackle the Brexit.


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