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Thu, Jun 09 11:24 AM
Mortgage Bonds trade in a tight range, off their session highs.
Thu, Jun 09 11:07 AM
The NY Fed will not be purchasing any Fannie/Freddie 30-yr 3s or 3.5s today or tomorrow.
Thu, Jun 09 11:06 AM
Stocks making a second attempt at cutting losses.
Thu, Jun 09 11:01 AM
Freddie Mac reports that the 30-year fixed conventional mortgage rate ($417K or less) fell to 3.60% in the latest week with 0.5 in points and fees.
Thu, Jun 09 9:54 AM
Stocks trying to cut some losses soon after the open.
Thu, Jun 09 9:46 AM
Stocks open lower. Dow -65 points as investors look to book some profits.
Thu, Jun 09 8:38 AM
The Treasury will sell $12B 30-yr Bonds, results at 1:00 p.m. ET.
Thu, Jun 09 8:34 AM
The Monthly Bond Rollover will take place after the close of trading this evening.
Thu, Jun 09 8:30 AM
Weekly Initial Jobless Claims decline by 4K to 264K, near inline with the 265K expected.
Thu, Jun 09 8:29 AM
U.S. dollar index 93.84, +0.26.
Thu, Jun 09 8:28 AM
10-yr T Note yield falls to 1.67%.
Thu, Jun 09 8:28 AM
WTI oil falls to $50.62/barrel down $0.61.
Thu, Jun 09 8:17 AM
Mortgage Bonds open near unchanged to slightly higher as S&P futures edge lower on falling oil prices and as investors look to book some profits.


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